Rear bumper protectors are made from top-quality Hydroturf.  They look great, are custom-cut for each vehicle and are very easy to fit.  The entire bumper strip is backed with 3M Backing.  They provide an essential safety improvement and are very cost-effective, being a cheaper and faster alternative to a respray.  Free delivery.

  • Fitting the Hydroturf Bumper Protectors saves us time and money not having to re-spray the bumpers on our used vans prior to sale

    Jez Gardiner Akito Commercials
  • The safety of our delivery drivers is paramount to us, the non-slip aspect is why we fit the Hydroturf Bumper Protectors to all of our vehicles.

    Chris Phillips Bearings Plus
  • We fit the Hydroturf Bumper Protectors to all of our VW T5 & T6 vans, it gives them the finished custom look which is what our customers ask for.

    Simon Parkes VW Custom & Conversions Ltd
  • We purchased 80 Hydroturf Bumper Protectors to fulfil a project for a local health authority department, we were very pleased with final outcome and so was our customer.

    Barry Jackson Vic Young Ltd (South Shields)

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